What are the local emergency contact details?2017-11-27T05:49:54+00:00


If it’s not an emergency2017-11-27T05:50:06+00:00

You can reach the Julia Creek Police Station (07) 4746 7120,
the Julia Creek Hospital on (07) 4746 4000
and the Julia Creek Fire Station on (07) 4746 7917.


Where can I get a Pharmacy script filled?2018-03-06T04:33:27+00:00

Unfortunately there is no longer a pharmacy in Julia Creek. Cooleebah Gifts on Burke Street sells an array of over the counter medicine. The Julia Creek Hospital can fill some general scripts for patients of the hospital however it’s best to either bring your filled scripts with you as the closest pharmacy once here is Cloncurry, which is approximately 138kms away.

Where can I see a doctor?2017-11-27T05:29:03+00:00

Please phone the Julia Creek Hospital to make appointments (07) 4746 4000.

Telephone / Mobile / Internet

Is there public internet access in Julia Creek?2017-11-27T05:25:07+00:00

Yes – The Julia Creek Library and the Visitor Information Centre have access points.
Free Wi-Fi is available at the Julia Creek Visitor Information Centre and at the Julia Creek Caravan Park for guests.

Is there mobile coverage in Julia Creek?2017-11-27T05:13:59+00:00

Yes but only through the Telstra network. If you have a phone through another carrier, you can pick up a Telstra pre-paid Sim card from the Julia Creek Post Office on the corner of Burke and Julia Streets. For more information on the Telstra mobile network, go to https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/coverage-networks/our-coverage

What is the Telephone Country Code and Area Code?2017-11-27T05:13:29+00:00

The Country Code of Australia is +61 and the area code of Queensland is (07).

Getting money out?


There is also an ATM located at the Julia Creek Roadhouse. Many of the local businesses offer cashout facilities but there are understandably, requirements for a minimum spend.

Post Office2017-11-27T05:22:25+00:00

The Julia Creek Post Office is a Commonwealth Bank Agent.

Food / Water

Where can I get ice?2018-03-06T04:39:10+00:00

Foodmart, Godier’s Friendly Grocer, Julia Creek Roadhouse and the Top Pub.

Where can I get a meal?2018-03-06T04:45:35+00:00

Sit down meals are available from the Julia Creek Roadhouse, Gannon’s Hotel, the Julia Creek Hotel (The Top Pub), Godier’s Friendly Grocer and soon to be open Bakery / Café. Foodmart have fast food available only. The Post Office offer some pre-packaged snacks and drinks. Hotels and other stores also offer take away meals.

Where can I get a coffee?2017-11-27T05:52:04+00:00

There are so many options around town! The Julia Creek Roadhouse, Godier’s Friendly Grocer, Foodmart and the Post Office all sell coffees and snacks!

Can I drink the water from the tap?2018-03-06T04:50:00+00:00

Yes the water being artesian, is safe and suitable for drinking. However, if you are reluctant to drink it, there are a number of different brands of bottled water available from a number of shops in town.


Where can I get a gas bottle refilled?2017-11-27T06:06:41+00:00

Julia Creek Hardware – 48 Burke Street. They are open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm & Saturday 8:30am – 12noon. There are Swap n Go bottles at the Julia Creek Road House.

Where can I get a tyre repaired or replaced?2018-03-06T04:58:06+00:00

Marwill – 41 Burke Street, Julia Creek. Open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. For after hours call out service, please call: 0429 467 140.
Robbie’s Tyres – Lot 37 Coyne Street, Julia Creek. Open daily excluding Sunday. Please call: 0427 792 162. Offers 24 hour service.

Is there a mechanic in Julia Creek?2018-03-06T05:27:13+00:00

Yes they are:

SG Crawford & Co. – 60 to 64 Burke Street, Julia Creek. Phone: 4746 7011
Felsie’s Mobile Workshop – 44 Byrne Street, Julia Creek. Phone: 4746 7271
Sticks Mechanical Repairs – 2 Burke Street, Julia Creek. Phone: 0418 275 105
Essential Mechanical Services Qld Pty Ltd – 55 Goldring Street, Julia Creek. Phone: TBA

Can I have pets at the local motels/caravan parks?2017-11-27T06:05:08+00:00

Yes, but only on approval. However, at most places it pays to ask prior to arrival. Due to health regulations, pets are definitely not allowed in motel rooms.

How can I travel to and from Julia Creek?2017-11-27T06:01:41+00:00

There are lots of options – self drive, bus, plane and rail. See below for the links to web sites or actual timetables.
PLEASE NOTE: Timetables are subject to change without notice so please check with the provider before making plans.

See how to get here


Where can I use a clothes dryer?2019-09-28T05:10:48+00:00

Julia Creek Caravan Park (machines are available to guests)
Julia Creek Laundromat at the side of the Post Office on Julia Street.

Where can I swim in Julia Creek?2017-11-27T05:53:13+00:00

At the Julia Creek Swimming Pool located on Julia Street. You will need to check the seasonal opening hours on the Swimming Pool noticeboard.

Where can I do a load of washing?2019-09-28T05:09:21+00:00

Julia Creek Caravan Park (machines are available to guests)
Julia Creek Laundromat at the side of the Post Office on Julia Street.

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